W-ART – The Art of waiting

„W-ART“ is a service hotline that experiments with the art of waiting. In the summer of 2017, the „Servicekomplizen“ developed a prototype for Schauspiel Köln as part of the festival „The city of tomorrow“




At a fictitious bus stop, people are waiting for a bus that will never arrive. By calling the W-ART hotline, you can reflect on waiting while waiting and communicate with other people.



The hotline menu offers numerous options: You can take a break and be a service to yourself. Those in a hurry will receive advice on how to use their time efficiently. In addition, there is the possibility to practise in patience, to hang out or to be connected with a personal live W-ART consultant.



At the bus stop there is also a W-ART Info with various additional services:
The people that are waiting can complete shortest workshops in thumb turn, queuing and wasting time and have their waiting knowledge tested at the W- ART Academy.



Near the bus stop you can find QR codes. With your own mobile phone you can read further information and research material on the subject of waiting.

The Cologne-based communications service provider Jäger + Schmitter DIALOG helps with the hotline technology.

Link to a press report in the call center magazine press report in the call center magazine „SQUT“ ( page 32-35)



The project idea „W-ART“ won the audience prize at the Open Call of Schauspiel Köln for the festival „The City of Tomorrow“.

„W- ART“ was awarded the German call center prize 2017 (CCV Quality Award) in the category image promotion. (link to news message)